How to Change the Background in Google Meet on Mobile Phone and Laptop

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How can I learn my lessons without my physical presence before a teacher? It was the question that entangled our minds in March 2020. Yes. Lockdown made us think about a new platform to swap our learning mode instead of sitting on benches in front of a blackboard. The Google Apps for study helped people to continue their academics amidst the pandemic. The Video call applications like Zoom and Google Meet paved the way for staying in touch with academic mentors. One of the struggles of hosts and participants is their background. Let us find the answer to the question, “How to change the background in Google Meet on mobile phone and laptop?”

Google Meet – Uniqueness

Google meet is one of the applications launched by Google LLC that covers several uses of people. As Google Mail and Google Chrome have impacted every individual’s life, Google Meet is also one such inevitable application in every academic conference. The Google Meet has user-friendly options to operate. The popularity and the manageable free version have made people slant towards Google Meet for every meet schedule. The Google Meet works with other Google Applications like Classroom, Mail, and Calendar to remind about the meet schedule.

Ways to Change the Background of Google Meet

We can change our background before the commencement of the meeting and during the meet too. Google has facilitated the use of this app more reliable with its new updates like Whiteboard, Hand rising icon, Lock the audio and video of participants, translation of captions, and other inevitable enhancements made in the application.

The steps for changing the background in Google Meet:

  • Open the Meet link on your device with the app (mobile and PC) or Chrome (PC).
  • Select the account using which you need to join the meet. Google account is mandatory when you use Mobile Meet App.
  • On the left side in the bottom, the effects icon (a circle with glitters) is present.
  • On clicking it, you can change the background to blur or can select other pictures.
  • Click on Add option to choose an image from your device.
  • Present yourself from the place you desire!

Very simple right? Attend the meet from anywhere you like!

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