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How to Restore Data from Mi Cloud

How to recover data from MI cloud
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Written by Oliver

Sometimes changing the device gives us this headache how can we get back those data which are there in the previous device. So, we should protect our data in some safe hands. And when it is being talked about safe hand, nothing is more reliable than the cloud services. In the case of cloud services, Apple Clouds and MI Clouds are very popular.

MI Clouds is XIAOMI’s cloud-based storage service, where the company offers 5 GB of free storage at free of cost. If anybody needs more than this space, then he or she needs to pay for the extra cloud space. For MI cloud, we need a specific MI ID through which we’ll be able to access the cloud service, which offers both the cloud space as well as some extrinsic features like backing up contacts, maintaining gallery, call logs, Wi-Fi settings, and many more. After signing up, one just needs to log in through, and the cloud space is all yours. MI has shifted all its critical services onto Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure for some safety reasons.

But now, the question that makes my reader feel a little confused is how can he/ she restore data from MI Cloud to another phone or in the same phone. But before, before knowing how to retrieve the data, we should have a basic knowledge about how to backup data in the cloud service.


Data Back UP in MI Cloud

⦁ Log into your MI account.
⦁ Now just search for the MI Account option in the settings.
⦁ After choosing the MI account option, just click on the option of Back Up Device.
⦁ Select the MI cloud backup and complete all the steps. Your backup will be on the way.

Data Restore from MI Cloud

These steps are the most eligible ones to restore all the backed-up data in a XIAOMI, REDMI, or POCO phone.

⦁ Just open the settings option in the new XIAOMI smartphone.
⦁ Find out the MI Account Settings and sign in to your account.
⦁ Click on the Restore option after moving into the backup section.
⦁ Just be sure about your backup.
⦁ If you are sure about your backup, click on the Restore button finally.

To restore data from MI Cloud, these steps and basic knowledge are necessary. I hope it has come to your help. Thank you so much.

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