How to Transferring Whatsapp Chats Data From Iphone to Android Smartphones

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WhatsApp has been trying to resolve the issue of moving data from iOS to Android. The inability to transfer WhatsApp data across Android and iOS has long been a source of frustration for users. Since it results in the loss of vital prior conversations.

From iPhone to Samsung mobiles

You should be able to exchange data between iPhone and Android (Samsung mobiles) running Android 10 or higher.

However, the user must guarantee that the Samsung smartphone to which the conversations are being transferred is either wholly new, activated or factory reset. The user has a USB-C to the lightning adapter to connect the Samsung phone to the iPhone.

Here are the steps –

  1. Use the USB-C to attach the Samsung phone to the iPhone and leave them linked.
  2. Click ‘Trust’ when the iPhone pop-up queries if the linked device is trustworthy.
  3. Connect the Android phone to the Wi-Fi system.
  4. Click ‘yes’ to transfer data pop-up. The phone will then install the most recent version of Smart Switch.
  5. Once the Smart Switch is downloaded, scan the WhatsApp QR code.
  6. Users may either scan this QR code with their old iPhone or open WhatsApp on their iPhone and navigate to Settings > Chats > ‘Move Chats to Android’.
  7. After that, Smart Switch would prompt customers to download WhatsApp to their Samsung phone.
  8. The entire procedure can take at least 30 minutes.

Transferring WhatsApp chat backups from iPhones to Android phones that aren’t Samsung

Use the steps below to get started:

  1. On the iPhone WhatsApp app, go to the chat you want to send and just swipe left to transmit, then hit ‘More.’
  2. Select the ‘Export Chat’ option from the pop-up menu and then ‘Mail’ from the ‘Share’ menu.
  3. Send this email to an address that the new Android phone will be able to access.
  4. After that, check your mailbox and start saving the attachment.
  5. Repeat these procedures for each chat that has to be transferred.
  6. After this, either download the WhatsApp app or, if it’s already installed, remove and reinstall it.
  7. After completing the WhatsApp login procedure, restore the backup.


The time taken to transfer the WhatsApp data from iPhone devices to Android may vary. It usually depends upon the data quantity that is to be transferred. However, these are the only ways to share.

I hope that the provided information in this article was helpful to you!

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